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As a property owner, you like to make sure that all of the areas on your premises are in good condition at all times. It is why you conduct regular maintenance in the indoor and outdoor areas of your property. While this is a crucial aspect, it is also essential to ensure that every feature is installed using high-quality materials.

You also need to hire an expert Paving Company in Souderton, PA, if you want outdoor surfaces that are reliable, easy to maintain, and long-lasting. We at Harris Paving Industries are a leading company in this sector. For over 68 years, we have provided reliable and cost-effective paving solutions to residential and commercial clients across the region.

As a family-owned company, we have what it takes to provide our clients with customized services and personalized attention. These are some of the things that set us apart from many other operators in this industry. Over the decades, we have evolved along with the market and invested in technology and training. What you get are high-quality solutions that are in line with your requirements.

The Best Residential Paving Services

Over the decades, we have built a solid base in the region, and our clients know that they can trust us to provide affordable and high-grade services. We have some set processes in place and excellent project management skills, which help us to ensure that each job is completed to industry standard and on time.  As mentioned earlier, our top quality services come at very competitive pricing, which provides you value for money.

As an experienced and well established residential Paving Company in Souderton, PA, we can offer our clients comprehensive solutions. It means that if you need an area of your landscape or outdoor spaces installed, we are here to help. We work very closely with you to understand your specific requirements and the budget that you are working on.

Our experts will provide services that enhance the curb appeal of your property and give you value for money, we adopt a very systematic approach in our job and handle various aspects of your outdoor residential paving project including:

  • Site survey
  • Complete planning and design of asphalt paving surfaces
  • Excavation and leveling
  • Complete site prep
  • Drainage installations

As you can see, we provide start-to-end services, which means that the job gets completed efficiently and seamlessly. We are a third-generation Paving Company in Souderton, PA, and offer the best solutions to our residential clients.

Commercial Paving Company in Souderton, PA

While we handle residential projects expertly, our company also tackles all types of commercial paving projects to industry standards. We understand that commercial property owners will have very different requirements from residential ones. It is why we tailor our solutions and pay extra attention to ensuring that the job is completed with the least downtime.

Whether you need a small driveway or a vast parking lot and other areas in your landscape surfaced, we are the company that can help. In addition to handling the actual installation, we can also help to install or upgrade your existing drainage system.

We make sure that the ground is stable and perfectly leveled before we start with surfacing the outdoor areas using asphalt. Our commitment to quality and timely completion, as well as affordability, are some of the aspects that have made us a renowned commercial Paving Company in Souderton, PA.

In addition to the excellent commercial paving solutions that we offer, you will also find that our customer service is outstanding.

If you are looking for a fully licensed, bonded & insured asphalt paving company in Souderton, PA, we are the ones to call. For any more information about our residential paving services, feel free to call Harris Paving Industries today at (215) 513-1977 or through this Online Form.