Caring for Your New Residential Driveway Paving Montgomery County PA

After having the professionals at Harris Paving Industries install your new driveway, we recommend following these asphalt care tips in order to maintain for your investment. Liquid asphalt needs time to harden and cure, and the full curing process takes 6 to 12 months. Your driveway will remain somewhat soft and flexible until then. After your driveway is installed, you will need to keep vehicle traffic off it for one hour to three days depending on the application.

Your newly finished driveway will soften and harden with rising and falling temperatures, so another important part of new driveway care is avoiding placing too much pressure on the same spot of asphalt. Park in different places on your driveway to distribute the load on a day-to-day basis. If you need to use jack stands or car ramps or if you need to park a boat or camper on the driveway, put some plywood underneath to distribute the weight. Heavy vehicles such as concrete trucks should be kept off the driveway. Avoid using lawn chairs and bicycle kickstands on the new asphalt as they can create holes. Gasoline, oil, and anti-freeze dilute the asphalt and may cause cracks and pits.

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To help support the edges of your driveway, we suggest building up the sides with extra top soil. Leave a 1-inch gap for sod growth and water drainage between the soil and asphalt. The texture of asphalt may differ from one driveway to the next and one spot to another due to all the different ingredients in the material. We recommend seal coating after paving. Seal coating the driveway protects the surface from water damage, stains and cracks. Give us at Harris Paving Industries a call today at 215-513-1977 or 610-490-1977 to learn more about driveway care, paving care and asphalt care.