Hardscaping Services Montgomery County Pennsylvania


When you would like an aesthetically appealing and durable pathway, patio, sidewalk or driveway, Harris Paving Industries is ready to get started with your custom project. We can help you to lay out and design a pool deck, walkway or any other surface that you have in mind. We use high-quality paver stones and cobblestones when building these walkways and surfaces. Our flexible and affordable patio, walkway and driveway solutions are not only easy on your budget but also highly functional and attractive. We are proud to install paver, brick and stone services in the Southeastern Pennsylvania area.

Our brick paving services are designed to last for many years. Once we install your paver stones, cobblestones or bricks, you can trust that the surface will last without problems. Our hardscaping installations are performed in a timely manner. By using the best natural and man-made materials, you can be assured that you have a patio or pathway that can withstand all sorts of weather conditions and a driveway that is able to hold up to traffic and parking needs.

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Our goal is to help you enjoy a clean, elegant and beautiful walkway, patio or driveway. We guarantee the quality of our work and use high-quality materials on every project. You are welcome to come into our facility and check out samples of the flagstone, cobblestone, brick and paver stone products that we offer. Contact us at Harris Paving Industries today to schedule a consultation with us and start planning a fantastic pathway or driveway solution for your home.